Now, more than ever, we women need to embrace our grit and determination while boldly standing up for each other. The stories shared on this blog are ones of courage and strength; of women forging career paths where few women have chosen to go before; of women embracing their unique abilities; of women choosing their futures - whether that be as a mom, yogi, scientist, mathematician, engineer, writer, artist, singer, politician, doctor, business owner, or a little bit of everything. These stories are of uniquely brave women who do not apologize for their intelligence or for taking up space. Come walk with us on your good days and your bad days and remember WHY you are here, remember WHY you started, and remember that you MATTER. Carry these stories with you on your journey to help you find a renewed vigor in knowing you are not alone. Go out into this world and dare to be female with your whole soul.

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Our Stories

Check out this page for rolling interviews with inspiring women. These interviews are often multiple parts as we dive deep into how these women found success, followed their dreams, or are still figuring it out.

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The Tribe

Check out this page as our tribe of remarkable women grows. Each time an interview is posted to the blog (found in Our Stories) we will update this page with a snapshot of personal info on the featured female.