Our Story


Ana and I met in September of 2012. Both nervous and hopelessly awkward, we sat next to each other tentatively making small talk during our first meeting at orientation. We were both starting the Master's program in Structural Engineering at the University of Washington in Seattle. Both of us were taking a chance... both of us had boldly moved half-way, or all the way across the country from all our family and friends. We were in a new state, a new time zone, and in for a big new adventure. 

Over the next year we became inseparable. Together we supported each other through countless hours in the windowless, basement computer lab working on problem sets, through the struggle of overcoming homesickness, through the frustrations of completing a research thesis. We kept each other's spirits up, we laughed more than I ever knew possible, we drank copious amounts of coffee (finally, I had met someone who matched my obsessive coffee habits!), ate so many Jimmy John's subs, and danced and sang our hearts out. 

Through a tearful goodbye, we both went our separate ways (with MS degrees in hand) after Seattle. While we may live in different states, what hasn't changed about our friendship is our endless support and encouragement for each other. The unwavering support has been paramount to my happiness on a daily basis. And that's how the idea of Daring to be Female was born...


There are plenty of lifestyle blogs for women out there, but we are missing the daily success stories of women. We are missing blogs that are constant examples of successful women overcoming challenges and blazing their own path in the world; blogs that chronicle how these women got to where they are, their keys to success, and most importantly, a little insight into their soul.